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Our Top 10 Helpful Homeschool Science Tips from this Year

We have shared a whole lot of homeschool science ideas tips and activities in 2016! And before we close out the fun for this year, we wanted to highlight the top ten posts.

We selected the top two posts from each of the five places we share science fun - our company blog, our science activities blog, Paige's podcast, the InstaScience series at Elemental Blogging, and the Sassafras Science blog. These were chosen by you guys, based on how much you visited, shared, and listened to the posts.

Let's dig in . . .

Our Top 10 Helpful Homeschool Science Tips from this Year

Don't miss these ten posts packed with helpful, encouraging, and practical tips for homeschool science

Our Company Blog

#1 - Scientific Demonstrations vs. Experiments

Scientific demonstrations and experiments are two different types of scientific tests used in the education, but which one is appropriate for your homeschool? In this article, you will learn about these two options and get some help in determining which will work the best for your situation.

#2 - 50+ Books we Love to Use to Teach Science

We have tons of resources at our fingertips to learn about the principles of science. This post is a "don't miss" list of 50+ books you can use to teach science at home!

Our Science Activities Blog

#3 - How to Dissect a Flower

Spring is an exceptional time to take a closer look at the structure of a flower. Many of the typical spring blooms, such as lilies, tulips, and daffodils, have clearly seen elements, which makes them excellent specimens for your students to study the structure of a flower. One of the best ways to do this is through a flower dissection and this post walks you through how to do one step-by-step. 

#4 - The Life Cycle of a Star Poster

Stars go through a cycle during their lifetime, which can be a bit complicated for our students to wrap their minds around - especially since it can take hundreds, if not thousands of years, to complete. Having them create a visual representation of a star's life cycle can help our students to learn about this concept and this poster will assist you in doing just that!

Tips for Homeschool Science Show (Paige's Podcast)

#5 - 3 Reasons I Love to Use Notebooking for Science

Notebooking is a fantastic way to record what your students are learning in science. This technique has been around for hundreds of years. Men and woman like DaVinci, Beatrix Potter, and Thomas Edison all took advantage of notebooking. In episode 14 of the Tips for Homeschool Science Show, Paige shared three reasons why she loves to use notebooking for science!

#6 - 5 Tips for Stargazing

All of us have gazed up at the night sky and wondered at what we were seeing. In episode 9 of the Teaching Science at Home show, Paige shared 5 tips to help you turn those stargazing moments into learning opportunities. 

The InstaScience Series at Elemental Blogging

#7 - Nuts

Nuts are fruit with one seed, hard shell, and a protective husk. Click on over to learn about nuts in an instant!

#8 - Milkweed

The milkweed plant is a favorite of monarch butterflies. Click on over to learn about the beautiful milkweed in an instant! 

The Sassafras Science Blog

#9 - What are living books?

The Sassafras Science team talks about living books a fair amount on their blog, but this past year they realized that they had not shared a "What are living books?" post. This post defines a "living book" and shares the benefits and downsides of using these resources. 

#10 - 12 Posts on Notebooking that You Don't Want to Miss

Notebooking is another subject that the team at Sassafras Science loves to share about! This list of twelve posts on notebooking will help you understand the how's and why's of this super effective tool!

Wrapping it up

Thank you so much for making 2016 a fantastic year here at Elemental Science! We have got lots more tips lined up to share with you all this next year, so be sure to stay tuned by signing up for our weekly newsletter below!!

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