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About Us


We love to meet homeschoolers, co-op coordinators, and school teachers alike! If you want to know where we will be exhibiting and speaking this year, check out our convention and speaking schedule page.

If you would like to book us to share at your co-op, school, or convention, please send an email to support@elementalscience.com.



Paige is the author of most of the programs you see here at Elemental Science. She first discovered her love of science during a high school chemistry course, which led to her majoring in Biochemistry at Virginia Tech. After she received her degree, she began writing homeschool science curriculum for her daughter, which eventually grew into what you see here today. Her passion is to see all students enjoy and excel in their pursuit of science education. She currently resides in the Appalachian Mountains with her husband and two children. You can connect with Paige through her blog, Elemental Blogging, or through social media -  and Instagram.


Brad Hudson is the instructor for our on-line high school courses and co-author of our theory series. He holds a Masters in Biology from Virginia Tech and has several years of teaching experience. He is the driving co-founder and driving force behind Elemental Science.


Johnny CongoJohnny Congo is the co-author of the Sassafras Science Adventures series. He is the oldest of 6 children, was born in 1977 in Tulsa, Oklahoma to a carpenter and his wife. He graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2000 with a degree in Recreation (yes, that is a real degree). Johnny loves working with the poor, needy, and at risk. He worked at John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa from 2002-2006 as the Children’s Director. He now lives in Asia with his amazing wife and two rascally boys where they spend much of their time in rural villages. Congo has been writing stories since childhood. He believes that the language of story speaks clearest to the human soul. His writing plans for the future mainly include children’s and youth fiction.


Angela Blau is the author of our history books and is the mom of three wonderful children.  She is passionate about homeschooling, literature, and history. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Intercultural Studies and has years of experience working with children.  Her goal in writing Adventures in America program was to provide an affordable, literature rich option for introducing American history in the early years. You can connect with Angela through her blog, The Hungry Schooler, or through Pinterest.


Want to know how we got started? Read the Elemental Science Story.