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Learn about rocks, weather, and space with our earth science and astronomy programs!

Do you want to learn about earth science with your students? We offer several lines of earth science and astronomy programs for you and your students.

Each of these series has its own unique features, but each one includes:

  • Weekly schedules and lots of teacher guidance;
  • Reading plans and related hands-on science activities;
  • Plus, customized student materials for your students to record what they have learned.

In short, all of our programs include the three keys to teaching science expertly planned out for you!

Earth Science and Astronomy Programs

The Classical Science Series

Our award-winning Classical Science Series explores our planet, weather, rocks, our solar system, and space over a full school year. 

In addition to the teacher guide, which contains a buffet of options for each week, we offer student notebooks, lapbooking templates, and coloring pages. We also have put together experiment kits to make finding the materials for the demonstrations in the program super easy!

The programs in this series make teaching earth science within the classical model super easy!

Earth Science and Astronomy Programs in the Classical Science Series 

The Sassafras Science Series

Our Sassafras Science series takes your students on a journey to learn about weather, rocks, and space! This series is based on our wildly-popular, modern living books for science, The Sassafras Science Adventures

In addition to the adventure-packed novel, we offer several support materials to enhance your journey - an activity guide, SCIDAT logbooks, a lapbooking guide, and coloring pages. We also have put together experiment kits to make finding the materials for the demonstrations in the program super easy! 

In a nutshell, the novel and the support materials work together to create a full homeschool science curriculum that makes learning fun and exciting!

Earth Science and Astronomy Programs in the Sassafras Science Series 

The Science Chunks Series

Our Science Chunks series makes it possible for you to teach about our planet, rocks, weather, space, and the solar system in bite-sized chunks! You can pick and choose the subjects that your students want to learn about with these 4- to 12-week-long units.

The easy-to-use plans and attractive lapbook and notebook templates will help you to create a fantastic learning opportunity with minimal effort! This option will allow you to pick and choose what your students will study throughout the year.

Earth Science and Astronomy Unit Studies

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