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Teach science to your range of homeschooled kids!

Are you looking for a homeschool science program to use with multiple ages/grades? Watch the short 5-minute video below to see if combining everyone into one group for science is a good idea for your homeschool.

Do you have students close in age?

If your students are close in age and you want to keep them all in the same program, we recommend:

The Sassafras Science Series

Our Sassafras Science series takes your students on a journey to learn about science! This series is based on our wildly popular, modern living books for science, The Sassafras Science Adventures

You can read the novel and do the demonstrations from the activity guide together as a family. Then, you can use either the lapbooking guide or the SCIDAT logbook to meet your students at their level. The activity guide also has suggestions for age-appropriate reading assignments and additional hands-on activities to keep all your students interested in learning science.

Programs in the Sassafras Science Series

The Science Chunks Series

Our Science Chunks series makes it possible for you to teach science in bite-sized chunks! You can pick and choose the subjects that your students want to learn about with these 4- to 12-week-long units.

Each of these digital unit study guides includes a reading plan that is broken up into two levels. The unit also includes two options for writing, a lapbook or notebook, for the subject. Plus, each lesson also includes vocabulary, a list of additional books, and coordinating science activities.

These unit studies are a great way to introduce concepts to your whole family or they can be used as a jumping-off point for deeper studies.

Programs in the Science Chunks Series 

Are your students farther apart in age?

If you don’t mind using multiple programs or if you have an age gap of 3 or more years between your students, we recommend:

The Classical Science Series

You can place your older student(s) in one of the logic stage programs, while your younger student(s) use the corresponding grammar stage books. For instance, if you have a first, second, and fifth grader, your older student could work through Biology for the Logic Stage with some independence, while you lead the younger two through Biology for the Grammar Stage. The topics will not line up perfectly, but there are suggestions in the front of each of our logic stage guides for lining the two programs up.

Here is the typical placement for the series:

Here is a video where Paige answers how to use both a grammar and logic stage program with your crew.

What about high schoolers?

If you have high schoolers, come check out our free science plans for high school.

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