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{Podcast} The Tips for Homeschool Science Show


Do you need to bother with the "extras" for science? {Episode 22} 0


The extras are optional, meaning that they are not an essential part of teaching science, so why should you even bother with them in the first place? Click "Read More" to listen to the answer in episode 22!

How to create an effective plan for homeschool science {Episode 21} 0

What should your plan for homeschool science include? Are there essentials things that you shouldn’t miss? And if so, how often should you do those things? Click "Read More" for the answers!

5 Sanity-saving tips to help you actually do experiments {Episode 20} 0


Do experiments drive you crazy? These five sanity-saving tips will help to do experiments without feeling the pressure. Click "Read More" to listen to episode 20 now!

Do I really have to do experiments? {Episode 19} 0

We get it, your day is packed and you don’t need to add more thing. So, do you really have to do experiments? Click "Read More" to listen to Paige's answer in episode 19.

How to easily add a sprinkle of holiday science cheer {Episode 18} 0

I love Christmas – the lights, the cookies, the warm, fuzzy feelings, and the holiday science experiments. Click "Read More" to listen to episode 18 of the Tips for Homeschool Science Show, I am going to share with you how we add a sprinkle of Christmas science to our holiday season!

My favorite way to do nature study during the winter {Episode 17} 0

The thought of doing nature study during the frigid winter months isn’t the most appealing. Click "Read More" to listen as Paige explains how you can do winter nature study from the warmth of your home!

3 Science-packed ideas for using up those candy corns {Episode 16} 0

I know that there is a bag of candy corns sitting in your kitchen right now – click "Read More" to listen to three science-packed ideas for getting rid of those candy corns before the candy canes start rolling in!

How we use technology to learn about science {Episode 15} 0


There is no avoiding it – we live in a digital age. Click "Read more to listen to how we use technology in our homeschool and learn some of our favorite resources.

3 reasons I love to use notebooking for science {Episode 14} 0

Notebooking is a fantastic way to record what your students are learning in science. Click "Read More" to see (or hear) the three reasons why I love to use notebooking for science!