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{Podcast} The Tips for Homeschool Science Show


It's time to discuss the dreaded science fair project {Episode 28} 0

It's time for us to chat about the science fair project - I know, I know, you really don't want to, but before you decide not to click "Read More" on this post, let me encourage you to give it a shot!

Are you considering buying a microscope for your homeschool? {Episode 27} 0

Should you get a microscope for your homeschool? And if you should, how do you choose the right one? Click "Read More" to get the answers to your questions in this episode!

What do I do if I find classical education mid-cycle? {Episode 26} 0

So, you have just stumbled upon this wonderful method for homeschooling called classical education, but where do you begin? Click "Read More" to listen to your options!

What does science look like for the classical educator? {Episode 25} 0

Normally when one thinks of classical education for homeschool, they equate it with literature, Latin, and history rich studies. But what does science look like? Click "Read More" to listen to the answer!

The second question on everybody's lips - living books, encyclopedias, textbooks? {Episode 24} 0

Living books, encyclopedias, or textbooks - which one should you use? Click "Read More" to hear the answer to the second most frequent question we get!

Have you visited the realm of the failed science experiment recently? {Episode 23} 0


Do you find that your experiments fail more often than not? Do you struggle with the hands-on aspect of science? Then, click "Read More" because this episode is for you!

Do you need to bother with the "extras" for science? {Episode 22} 2


The extras are optional, meaning that they are not an essential part of teaching science, so why should you even bother with them in the first place? Click "Read More" to listen to the answer in episode 22!

How to create an effective plan for homeschool science {Episode 21} 0

What should your plan for homeschool science include? Are there essentials things that you shouldn’t miss? And if so, how often should you do those things? Click "Read More" for the answers!

5 Sanity-saving tips to help you actually do experiments {Episode 20} 0


Do experiments drive you crazy? These five sanity-saving tips will help to do experiments without feeling the pressure. Click "Read More" to listen to episode 20 now!