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The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Six: Astronomy

The summer-long, science-filled, adventure-packed journey blasts out of this world to learn about the stars, planets, and more!

In The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume Six: Astronomy, the zip-lining science adventure blasts out of this world for Blaine and Tracey Sassafras – and we want to bring you all along for the ride!

Join the Sassafras Twins as they travel to out-of-this-world locales to learn about space.

Join Blaine and Tracey Sassafras as they blast out of this world for another leg of the science-learning journey.

Together, you will learn about the planets, the stars, and more as the twins zip around the globe. In the book, you will visit locations like:

  • The space station to learn about the planets->you don't want to miss the tech that makes that possible!
  • A Hawaiian observatory to learn about telescopes and galaxies.
  • And we even got to be part of an amazing Bollywood show!

We are currently putting the final touches on this leg of our amazing adventure for you to enjoy! Volume 6 will be available in the Spring of 2020!!

Get a sneak peek at this upcoming adventure by watching the video below:

And meet a few of the local experts in the following posts:

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