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The Sassafras Science Adventures Series

Take a Journey to Learn Science!

Are you looking for a living books science curriculum that will:

  • Shake up your education routine?
  • Inspire your students to love science?
Well, look no further. The Sassafras twins are waiting to take your students on a journey to learn science that they will never forget!
My kids absolutely love these adventures! They talk about the mall day long. Even my 3 and 5 year old can remember animal facts from these books. Highly recommend!” ~ (Review from Amazon)

Adventure, mystery, and science all rolled up into a set of exciting living books!

How The Series Works

The living books of The Sassafras Science Adventures series can be read alone or you can add in the activity guide and logbook to create full homeschool science curriculum. The completed series will contain 8 books, each designed to take half a year to cover.  Each title in the series includes the following:

When you use the series as your main homeschool science curriculum, you will read a chapter in the adventure-style fictional book each week.  Then, you will choose what to do from the activity guide which provides you with a buffet of options to explore the facts presented in the book.  You can do a scientific demonstration, study related vocabulary, make a craft project or read more about the topics.  Your student will also keep their own SCIDAT logbook as a record of what they have learned.

See what Cathy Duffy has to say about our living books series.

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Programs in the Series

The Sassafras Science series will have eight volumes when it is completed. Future volumes will include astronomy (currently in production), chemistry, and physics.

The Sassafras Science Adventures Series

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