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Physics for the Grammar Stage

These classical science plans will help the homeschool teacher, co-op leader,

or classroom educator teach physics to elementary students!

Physics for the Grammar Stage provides a first-look at physics for the classical student. This homeschool science program includes a virtual buffet of options from which you can choose! 

The materials were laid out in a very understandable and logical fashion. My children liked the predictability of reading, narration, notebooking, experiments, etc... The experiments were quick and meaningful and didn’t require much that we didn’t already have in our house... I feel CERTAIN my children are receiving a solid science education.” Review by Homegrown Learners

Have the tools you need to teach chemistry at your fingertips! Our Physics for the Grammar Stage Teacher Guide takes you through an exploration of the principles of physics using Gizmos and Gadgets and Physics Experiments for Children along with the Usborne Science Encyclopedia. It includes a 2 day and 5 day schedule for reading assignments, vocabulary, experiments and ongoing projects.

Harness the power of notebooking with our student workbooks! The Physics for the Grammar Stage Student Workbook includes all the pages you need for the ongoing projects, narrations, and experiments, plus nearly 60 pictures for you to use with those pages. 

Ages: 8 to 10 years old

Grade: 3rd through 5th grade

Physics for the Grammar Stage

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