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Homeschool Science Activities


How to paint stunning crystal snowflakes with ordinary Epsom salts 0


Don't miss these step-by-step directions on how to paint gorgeous snowflake crystals using a few ordinary household supplies and a bit of science magic!

3 Science activities you can do with Borax 0


Wondering what you can do with a box of Borax laundry detergent? Click "Read More" to see three ideas that you and your kids will enjoy way better than using it to wash your clothes.

3 Beautiful ornaments you can easily make with science 0

This year decorate your Christmas tree with science! Click "Read More" to see the directions for making chromatography balls, crystal candy canes, and nature viewers.

5 {More} Fun and Amazing Thanksgiving Science Activities 0


Make some beautiful holiday memories with these super fun Thanksgiving science activities. Click "Read More" to see the details!

Crazy Colors {A Halloween Science Activity} 0

Part color-change, part stink-up-the-kitchen – this Halloween science activity requires a bit of preparation, but it is totally worth it! Click "Read More" to see the directions.

Want a free game about the beautiful planets? {Planetary Bingo} 0

Add some fun to your homeschool science curriculum with this free astronomy game! Click "Read More" to see the directions.

Quick! Pick-up bones with this super-fun, free anatomy game! 0

Use this fast-paced, free anatomy game to review what you have learned about the human body systems! Click "Read More" to see how to play.

Leaf Skeletons 0


Strip down the leaves you have collected from your latest forest walk to examine the bare bones! Click "Read More" to see the directions.

Ocean Currents 0

Have fun this summer as you learn about ocean currents with this science activity! Click "Read More" to see the directions.