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Homeschool Science Activities


How you can use kitchen science to send a secret message on Valentine's Day 0

Valentine's day is the perfect time to use a bit of kitchen science to send a secret message to your loved one! Click "Read More" to see how you can do this.

How to perform your own Kitchen Acid Test 0

Too cold outside? No problem! Have some indoor fun with this Kitchen Acid Test. Click "Read More" to see this simple homeschool science activity you can add to your chemistry plans!

How you can turn an icky fungus into a mushroom spore print masterpiece 0


Is your yard covered with icky fungal fruiting bodies? Put on some gloves, harvest one of those, and use it to make a mushroom spore print masterpiece!

Click "Read More" to see the directions for this project.

Knowing How to Convert Units of Measurement Saved my Life {Printable Included} 0

Knowing how to convert units literally saved my life! Click "Read More" see how you can emphasize units of measurement in your homeschool and download a free printable.

How to make a microscope slide you can view at home {Wet and Dry Mount} 0

Don't let your microscope gather dust in a corner! Click "Read More" to learn how to make a microscope slide and grab a free printable to use in your homeschool.

Fight squirrels and storms as you gain leaves to win your Plant Quest 0

Answer some plant trivia and fight the squirrels and storms to gain leaves to win this super fun game about plants. Click "Read More" to play today!

How to make your own signs of spring reference journal 0

Has spring visited your area yet? Keeping a "Signs of Spring" reference journal can help you anticipate the arrival of the best season of the year! Click "Read More" to learn how to make your own journal!

How to paint stunning crystal snowflakes with ordinary Epsom salts 0


Don't miss these step-by-step directions on how to paint gorgeous snowflake crystals using a few ordinary household supplies and a bit of science magic!

3 Science activities you can do with Borax 0


Wondering what you can do with a box of Borax laundry detergent? Click "Read More" to see three ideas that you and your kids will enjoy way better than using it to wash your clothes.