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Easy-to-use Science Plans

At Elemental Science our mission is to help teachers and parents teach science! We do this by offering a variety of easy-to-use science plans, each with three basic keys. 

What are those key elements? Watch the video below to learn more:

Here is a quick look at the three keys

  • Key #1: Performing Hands-on Scientific Tests - Each of our science programs has weekly hands-on experiments that provide the chance for students to interact with science face-to-face. These experiments and demonstrations have step-by-step instructions, expected results, and clear explanations. We also offer experiment kits to make gathering the supplies easy on you! 
  • Key #2: Gathering Information - Each of our programs contains reading plans that will teach the students the facts they need to know. Depending upon the series, your students will be reading from living books or encyclopedias. The plans are laid out day-by-day, so you know exactly what to share and when. 
  • Key #3: Keeping a Record - Each of our programs includes customized notebooking pages and experiment sheets to help the students organize and share what they have learned. These sheets are open-ended and expertly designed for the week they are to be used. In the end, you will have a beautiful scrapbook of what the students have learned with minimal effort! 

If you want to learn more about these three keys, check out our free conference session on The Three Keys to Teaching Science.

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