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Do you struggle with the what's, how's, and why's about teaching homeschool science?

We are here to help! We have lots of free resources to help you teach science. Here's just a few of those to get you started:

We also offer several books to support you as you seek to teach science at home. These books will deliver a boost of confidence for you as you seek to teach science to your kiddos!

"Loved the concrete examples of how to work with a topic when working from each of the educational philosophies/methods (Classical, etc.)." ~Carol F., verified purchaser 

Success in Science provides the blueprints you need to develop a plan for teaching science at home. This book will help you understand your goals for each stage and give the pieces you need to use to reach those goals. Along the way, the authors provide you with examples of how you can put these pieces together to create a complete plan for homeschool science.

The Homeschooler's Guide to Experiments is your go-to manual for hands-on science. This book is your chance to pick Paige's brain about how homeschoolers can do experiments in their kitchens, backyards, and sometimes even in their bathrooms!

The Three Keys to Teaching Sciencedistills the many ideas for teaching science into the three essential elements. This book’s friendly conversational tone makes for a quick, encouraging read that will leave you excited to teach this subject!

The Science Fair Project: A Step by Step Guide breaks the daunting idea of doing a science fair project into 8 clear steps. The book provides the keys the completing each step and walks you through a sample project in the process. Sample pages are included for your student to use.

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