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Go on a semester-long, story-based adventure into an area of science with the Sassafras Twins!

It begins with a series of novels about a summer-long, science-filled journey...

Hi-ya – we're Blaine and Tracey Sassafras! And, we want to take you on an invisible zip-line journey around the world to learn about science.

A journey that we enjoyed a few summers ago. One that changed our thoughts about learning science forever.

You see, Blaine and I (Tracey) used to hate science. It was soooooo boring and all the textbook facts just seemed to fall right out of our heads. In fact, we bombed every science test we took.

So, our parents shipped us off to our Uncle Cecil to learn to see if he could make those science facts stick. We were totally bummed because he is a bit . . . eccentric - after all, he can't even get our names right!

Imagine our surprise when we found out that we wouldn't be spending the summer listening to lectures. Instead, we would be zipping around the world on invisible zip lines invented by Uncle Cecil and his prairie dog lab assistant, President Lincoln.

We ended up having the most amazing adventure-filled summer learning about science face-to-face!!

And we'd love to share all the cool tech that we got to use so that you could get the full effect, but we can't do that yet because the technology patent is still pending for the invisible zip lines.

Instead, we've got the next best thing lined up for you – an adventure-packed, science-filled living book!

Now, you can join our thousands of readers who love this story-based science series!

Here's what some of our adventurers have to say about the Sassafras Science series:

“My kids absolutely love these adventures! They talk about them all day long. Even my 3- and 5-year-old can remember animal facts from these books. Highly recommend!” ~ (Review from Amazon)
"My children begged for science and more science today. They are having so much fun traveling the world with Blaine and Tracey in their zoological adventures. My oldest is sneaking the book under the covers at night to get a head start on the rest of us." ~ (Review from Facebook)

Come see what a week with the Sassafras Science Adventures Series looks like.

How the Sassafras Science Series Works

In a nutshell, the story-based novel and the support materials work together to create a semester-long homeschool science program that makes learning fun and exciting! Watch below for a quick look at how this works.

Are you still wondering what a story-based science program looks like? Read about how the Sassafras Science Series works for a more detailed look at the series or watch the video below to help you choose between the Sassafras Science support materials - the lapbook guide or the activity guide + the logbook.

Current Programs in the Sassafras Science Series

Ready to begin your story-based science adventure? Click on one of the following volumes to learn more or add one of the products below to get started.


The Main Adventure

You check out our scope and sequence to see what each novel covers. The Sassafras Science Adventures series will have eight volumes when it is completed. Future volumes will include chemistry and physics.

Do we have to go in order? Or do we have to start with volume 1?

It is best to read the novels in order for the sake of the storyline. There are several overarching storylines that thread through the novels.

However, we do have many people who pick up the story with one of the later volumes. We do review a bit of the key parts of the storylines that thread through the series in the first chapter of each book, so it is possible to pick up your adventure with one of the later volumes.

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