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The Science Fair Project: A Step-by-Step Guide

Get step-by-step help for your science fair project!

Don't neglect this incredibly useful tool for teaching the scientific method! This book will hold your hand and guide you through the daunting prospect of completing a science fair project.

The Science Fair Project: A Step-by-Step Guide has been recently updated to a more user-friendly format. This step-by-step guide still:

  • thoroughly explains the eight steps for executing a science fair project;
  • provides you with keys for completing each step;
  • details a sample project to give you a clear picture of what a science fair project can look like;
  • includes sheets for the teacher to give to the students as he or she leads them through the process;
  • explains how a science fair project can differ for a high school student.

Read a sample excerpt of The Science Fair Project.

Check out how the authors' daughter did her first science fair project:

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