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The Classic Series

Award-winning Classical Science Curriculum

Are you hesitant about teaching classical science in your homeschool? Have you struggled to find a science curriculum that fits the classical model to use in your school?

Rest easy! Our straightforward, easy to use plans and customized student workbooks deliver the tools you need move forward with confidence.

At Elemental Science, we have made teaching science easy for classical educators!

Elemental Science is Susan Wise Bauer's top recommendation for classical science curriculum.

"The Elemental Science series loosely follows our recommendations for hands-on experimentation, supplemental outside reading, and narration pages." - See Susan Wise Bauer's full description in the 4th edition of the Well-Trained Mind.

"The teacher’s manual has a plan for either 5 days a week or 2. I love that since we schedule science 2 days a week so we can alternate with history. The best part of this curriculum to me is how easy it is to use, which means it actually gets done! The best curriculum is the one that gets used!” Review by One Magnificent Obsession

Key Features 

Each of our classical science programs focuses on an area of science that is studied through:

  • Weekly coordinating scientific demonstrations or experiments;
  • Visually appealing children’s encyclopedias;
  • Notebooking with customized student workbooks.

See why Cathy Duffy made our Classic Series one of her top picks!

Programs in the Series 


Classic Science Curriculum

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