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How to Make A The Life Cycle of a Star Poster

Stars go through a cycle during their lifetime, which can be a bit complicated for our students to wrap their minds around - especially since it can take hundreds, if not thousands of years, to complete. 

Having them create a visual representation of a star's life cycle can help our students to learn about this concept. This poster will assist you in doing just that!

How to make a Life Cycle of a Star Poster

Materials Needed

You will need the following supplies for this project:

  • A sheet of black construction paper or black poster board
  • Two cotton balls stretched out and pulled to be wide and flat
  • Markers
  • Small yellow pom-pom
  • Large red pom-pom
  • Small white sequin

Steps to Complete

Here are the steps you need to follow to make your poster:

  1. Use brown and gray markers to color one of the pulled-out cotton balls, so that it looks like a stellar nebula with its cloud of dust and gas.
  2. Glue the stellar nebula ball at the top left of the poster, label it, and draw an arrow after it.
  3. Next, glue a small yellow pom-pom for the average star, label it, and draw an arrow after it.
  4. Then, glue a large red pom-pom for the red giant, label it, and draw an arrow after it.
  5. Next, use purple, orange, and blue markers to color the other pulled out cotton ball so that it looks like a planetary nebula.  
  6. Glue the planetary nebula ball at the top left of the poster, label it, and draw an arrow after it.
  7. Finally, glue a small white sequin for the white dwarf and label it. 

Additional Resources

Looking for some easy-to-use science plans that will teach your students about the stars? Here is what we offer:

You can also see more activities to learn about stars at our Earth Science & Astronomy Pinterest board:

Follow Elemental Science 's board Earth Science & Astronomy Science Projects on Pinterest. 

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