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Got a black thumb? Make a seed board with your kids instead of planting a garden! 0

Save those seeds from certain death in the ground and use them to teach your kids instead. Click "Read More" to see 4 steps for making your very own, completely unique seed board.

How you can turn an icky fungus into a mushroom spore print masterpiece 0


Is your yard covered with icky fungal fruiting bodies? Put on some gloves, harvest one of those, and use it to make a mushroom spore print masterpiece!

Click "Read More" to see the directions for this project.

Strip a leaf naked so you can examine the skeleton {Forest Science} 0


Strip down the leaves you have collected from your latest forest walk to examine the bare bones! Click "Read More" to see the directions.

5 Fall Science Activities We Will Be Trying this Year 0


Have you noticed all the amazing fall activities popping up in your Pinterest feed? Click "Read More" to see five posts that have caught my eye to try out this year!

How to make a Beautiful Fall Leaf Book 0

Want to preserve the beauty of fall for science? Click "Read More" to learn how to make a fall leaf book and download the free templates!