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5 Fall Science Activities We Will Be Trying this Year

Earlier this month, I shared with you the top three materials I like to have on hand for fall science activities.

Although I did share several things you can do with pumpkins, fall leaves, and cranberries, I wanted to share with you all several more activities we will be trying for the first time this year!

Of course, we will still work on our traditional Fall Leaf Book, but these activities caught my eye on Pinterest and they looked like too much fun to pass up!

5 Fall Science Activities We Will Be Trying this Year

This year for fall science we will be dissolving pumpkin candies, driving through pumpkins, making leaf lanterns, exploding apples, and peeking into pine cones!

#1 – Dissolving Pumpkin Candies

When I was a kid, I love candy pumpkins! I would bite off the top and savor the sugary, creamy orange deliciousness. So, the kid in me cringed a bit when I saw the dissolving pumpkin activity from Lemon Lime Adventures in my Pinterest feed.

However, the scientist in me thinks that this fall science activity looks super cool! It’s a great way to learn about solvents and to practice observation skills. We will definitely be trying this one in a few weeks when I buy the kids the one and only bag of candy corn mix for the season.

#2 – Designing Pumpkin Car Tunnels

With a young boy in the house, we build quite a few race car tracks – slight understatement. We have used all kinds of materials to form bridges and tunnels, but I have to admit that I never thought about using a pumpkin.

That is until I ran across this hot wheels pumpkin tunnel activity from Little Bins for Little Hands in my Pinterest feed! This STEM challenge is one that our son will not want to miss and our daughter will secretly enjoy. It is definitely going on our list of fall science activities to do this year!

#3 – Making Leaf Lanterns

Technically, this is an art project, but I do think that you can learn a lot about the structure of a leaf by shining a light on it! When I saw this fall lantern in my Pinterest feed, I immediately loved how this project highlights the different shapes and colors of the leaves you find in this season. Plus, I know that having some beautiful handmade fall décor is a bonus!

So, we will be adding this leaf lantern tutorial from River Bliss to our list of fall science activities because science and art often go hand-in-hand!

#4 – Erupting Apples

We have erupted volcanoes, pumpkins, and the odd plastic bottle many times in our home, and it never gets old! So when the erupting an apple activity, also from Little Bins for Little Hands, showed up in the Pinterest feed, I knew that it had to be added to the list.

I love the fact that my little guy can do most of the mixing for this and that it will make the house smell delicious. We might have to try this fall science activity out more than once this season!

#5 – Peeking Inside Pine Cones

OK, so this one is an activity I wrote about several years ago, but I have to admit that I had completely forgotten we did this until it popped up in my Pinterest feed a few weeks ago. If you are a blogger or writer, you understand how this can happen!

Since at the time we originally did this project my youngest was too little to appreciate or understand what was going on, we are going to add peeking inside a pine cone to our list of fall science extras this year because I just can’t wait until we get to biology next year!

Did you try any of these science activities? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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