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Got a black thumb? Make a seed board with your kids instead of planting a garden! 0

Save those seeds from certain death in the ground and use them to teach your kids instead. Click "Read More" to see 4 steps for making your very own, completely unique seed board.

Fight squirrels and storms as you gain leaves to win your Plant Quest 0

Answer some plant trivia and fight the squirrels and storms to gain leaves to win this super fun game about plants. Click "Read More" to play today!

How To Dissect A Spring Bulb 0

How to dissect a spring bulb

We have asked our favorite botanist, Fiona, to come share a fun, hands-on activity your kids are sure to enjoy this spring - how to dissect a spring bulb!

How To Grow Herbs From Cuttings {A Botany Project} 0

growing herbs from cuttings

It's the Summer of Science on the Sassafras Science blog! This week we are looking at how to grow herbs from cuttings.

Steps For Dissecting A Seed By Felipe Moreno 0

Steps for Dissecting a Seed by Felipe Moreno

Felipe Moreno, one of the Sassafras twins' botany experts, shares an Argentinian folk ballad which shares the steps for dissecting a seed.