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Fight squirrels and storms as you gain leaves to win your Plant Quest


Add some fun to your homeschool science curriculum with this free plants game!

We have shared the basics of teaching biology at home. Now, we want to share a super fun game you can use to review what you have learned about plants!

Plant Quest Game Directions

We had a blast playing this game as a family, even our 6-year-old understood how to play. It’s a great way to sneak in some super-fun review after you have learned about plants!


  • 2 to 6 Players, ages 6 and up
  • Plant Quest Game Board, Plant Trivia and Quest Cards, Plant Quest Tree Sheet for each player, and Plant Quest Leaf Tokens (Download all of these for FREE here)

1. Set up the game.

  • Place the quest cards and the trivia cards face down on their respective piles on the game board sheet in the center of the table.
  • Give each player a Tree Sheet and place the leaf tokens in a pile in the center of the table.
  • Determine how many leaves a player must get to win, 15 or 25, and hand out the correct tree to each of the players. (Note - If you want to play for more or fewer leaves, you will hand out the blank tree sheet.)

2. Have the youngest player choose a trivia or quest card.

  • If the player chooses a quest card, he will read the clue and follow the directions to add or remove leaves on his tree sheet.
  • If the player chooses a trivia card, he will hand the card to the player to his right who will ask the question. If the player gets the question correct, he will add the number of leaves to his tree sheet. 

3. The game-play moves around the circle to the right in the same manner. (Note - If you run out of cards before someone wins, simply shuffle the deck and begin again.)

How to Win

Be the first player to fill your tree sheet with the required number of leaves.

Additional Games Ideas

You can use only the Plant Trivia Cards for a game of trivia. Simply, have a caller choose the card and read the question. You can ask the question to a specific player or to a specific team. Each correct answer earns a point. The player or team that has the most points once the stack of cards has been gone through, wins the game.

You can also use only the Plant Quest Cards for a quick and exciting game. If you do this, the players should all use the tree sheets with 25 leaves.

Additional Resources

Before you play this game, you can use the following resources to learn more about the solar system.

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  • Paige Hudson
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