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The Ultimate Guide to Science in the Classical Education Model 4


Wondering what science in the classical education model looks like? Click "Read More" to dig deeper into classical education and how science fits into this model of learning!

What a week of the Classic Series looked like in our homeschool 0

Wondering what it looks like to use the award-winning Classic Series from Elemental Science? Click "Read More" to take a peek inside our homeschool to find the answer!

Our experience with the Sassafras Science Adventures Series 10


Wondering what it looks like to use the Sassafras Science Adventures Series for homeschool science?

Go ahead and click "Read More" for a peek inside our homeschool and get your answer!

Our Top 10 Helpful Homeschool Science Tips from this Year 0

We have shared a whole lot of homeschool science ideas tips and activities in 2016! And before we close out the fun for this year, we wanted to highlight the top ten posts. Click "Read More" to see the list.

12 Science Apps you can find on our phones and tablets 2

Want to know some of our favorite apps for science? All 12 of these apps are either on my phone or on our children's tablet! Click "Read More" to see the list.

Teaching Astronomy at Home 0

Astronomy - the study of the stars, planets, and all that other stuff that resides way out in space! Click "Read More" to see how you can teach this subject at home!

50+ Books we love to use to teach science at home 0

We have tons of resources at our fingertips to learn about the principles of science. Click "Read More" to see a list of 50+ books you can use to teach science in your home!

5 Questions to ask as you create your plan for homeschool science 2

It's the most wonderful time of the year . . . for homeschoolers!

Click "Read More" to see five questions that will help you as you research, plan, and buy materials for next year.

5 Ways you can become a better Homeschool Science teacher 2


As parents, we all want to do the very best we can for our children. And in that spirit, I wanted to take a moment to encourage you in your quest to become a better homeschool science teacher.

Click "Read More" to see five ways you can intentionally pursue science teacher-training.