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5 Tips for Stargazing {Episode 9}


5 Tips for Stargazing {Episode 9}

All of us have gazed up at the night sky and wondered at what we were seeing. In episode 9 of the Teaching Science at Home show, Paige is sharing 5 tips to help you turn those stargazing moments into learning opportunities.


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The Highlights

Tip #1 - Research ahead of time.

  • Search your library or online.
  • Learn what stars you should be able to see.

Tip #2 - Make sure you find a dark spot.

  • Too many lights can obscure your chances of seeing the stars.
  • Parks are great for stargazing.

Tip #3 - Use your naked eye and binoculars.

  • Don’t start with telescope.
  • Look for patterns.

Tip #4 - Start with the moon.

  • The moon is easy to see and observe.
  • Keep track of the lunar cycle

Tip #5 - Keep an astronomy notebook.

  • Write down dates and what you saw.
  • Sketch the constellation.

Additional Resources

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