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5 {More} Fun and Amazing Thanksgiving Science Activities

November 21, 2016 3 min read

There is a lull on Thanksgiving day before the meal is ready that will find your kids either bored out of their gourd or into things they shouldn't be. We are going to help you fill those that time with Thanksgiving science!

Why science, you ask? Because those super fun science activities will help you to create some beautiful memories.

But, we know that in between the putting the turkey in and prepping the sides - the last thing you want to do is search through Pinterest to find something to entertain the little ones. So go ahead, print this post out, and stash it among the recipes you have planned.

Let's dig into this five fun and amazing Thanksgiving science ideas.

5 {More} Fun and Amazing Thanksgiving Science Activities

Make some beautiful holiday memories with these super fun Thanksgiving science activities.

#1 - Detecting with cranberry spy juice.

What kid doesn't want to pretend to be a spy? This Thanksgiving science activity from the Kitchen Pantry Scientist will allow your secret agents to pass notes using some of the same ingredients you are using to prepare the meal!

You will need half a bag of cranberries, water, baking soda, paper, and a homemade pen, like a cotton swab with the tip removed. Basically, you will prepare an acidic solution (cranberry juice) and a basic solution (baking soda.) Then, the reaction between the two will reveal the hidden message! 

See the full post: Spy Juice

#2 - Dissecting an acorn.

Around this time of year, you can find literally hundreds, if not thousands, of acorns nearby if you are lucky enough to have an oak tree. Rather than letting the squirrels have all the fun, grab a few for this Thanksgiving science activity.

You will need several acorns, a magnifying glass, and a dull knife. Have your kids examine the acorns, pull off the caps, and then use the knife to see what is inside! They can also use the meat, what is inside the acorn, to draw an acorn-inspired picture.

See the full post: How to dissect an acorn 

#3 - Detonating a pumpkin volcano.

I promise this isn't a call for the fire department kind of detonation. It's more like an oozing eruption, but this pumpkin volcano from Little Bins for Little Hands still packs loads of fun.

You will need a small pumpkin, water, dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar. To get your pumpkin ready for detonation, you will clean it out and fill it with a bit of warm water, a few drops of dish soap, and a generous sprinkle of baking soda. Then, add some vinegar to get things going! You can detonate over and over again by adding a bit more baking soda, followed by an equal amount of vinegar.

See the full post: Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity

#4 - Displaying the inside a pine cone.

Another nature-filled Thanksgiving science activity is to use warm water to open up a pine cone. Hopefully, you will find a surprise inside, but don't be disappointed if you don't as the tree has most likely already dropped its seeds.

You will need a tightly closed pine cone, access to an oven, and a bowl of water. For this activity, you will set that closed pine cone in next to your potatoes for only a few minutes, which will cause it to open up. Then, you will take it out and set it in a bowl of cold water to watch what happens - I won't give that secret up!

See the full post: Inside the Cone {Homeschool Science Corner}

#5 - Driving corn kernels to dance.

Have a Thanksgiving dance party in a jar! You can certainly do this activity from Little Bins for Little Hands at any time during the year, but why not try it out this Thanksgiving when you already have the supplies at hand?

You will need a tall glass jar, popping corn, baking soda, vinegar, water, and a spoon. Start by adding water and baking soda to the jar, stir to dissolve, and add the corn kernels. Then, slowly add an equal amount of vinegar until bubbles form and the corn begins to dance!

See the full post: Dancing Corn Thanksgiving Science Activity 

Wrapping it Up

So you saw the "{More}" and you are dying to know what other Thanksgiving science ideas we have shared - well here's your answer:

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