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Homeschool Science Tip of the Month {Thanksgiving}


Homeschool Science Tip - Plan a few science activities and make some beautiful memories for your Thanksgiving festivities.

Thanksgiving is a special holiday – its sole purpose to gather friends and family around the things for which we are thankful. And many of those items include beautiful memories that we share with each other.

This Thanksgiving, you can create a few more of those memories to be thankful for using science! We all know that there is a bit of downtime as we prepare the meal, so why can’t you fill that time with a few science activities?

You can choose to study a few Thanksgiving-themed nature topics. Here are a few ideas:

Or you can choose a few Thanksgiving-themed science experiments. Here are a few posts you can check out for ideas:

Whatever science activities you choose to fill your Thanksgiving downtime with, I am sure that you will create some fun-filled and laughter-sprinkled memories you will be thankful for in the years to come!

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  • Paige Hudson