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7 Ways to add some forest science activities to your camping vacation 0

Whether your version of camping is in a tent, an RV, or in a hotel - these seven forest science ideas will add a bit of learning to your summer camping trip! Click "Read More" to see seven ideas will help you to learn about science as you enjoying your camping vacation.

7 Ways to add Science to your Beach vacation 0

Are you heading to the beach this summer to soak up the rays and have some fun? Be sure to take along some sunscreen and these 7 beach science ideas!

21 Tips for Hand-on Science 0

As many of us prepare to begin the school year, I wanted to highlight twenty-one posts that will help you with hands-on aspect of science. These articles will help you prepare and get ready for a super-fun year packed with learning science!

Science Extras - Crafts, Activities, and More! 0

Make science super fun by adding in a few of these extras from elementalscience.com!

The extras are optional. They are not an essential key to teaching science, so why should you even bother with them in the first place?

In short, the extras spice things up and keep your student interested in learning about science.

Science Essential #1 – Performing Hands-on Scientific Tests 0

Science experiments can be tough for homeschoolers. Learn why they are important, what you can use, and how to succeed at elementalscience.com!

We generally hear the word “experiments” used for all types of hands-on scientific tests. So, I wanted to explain what I mean by the term. Here’s my definition:

A hands-on scientific test gives your student a chance to see, practice, test, or learn about a principle, or principles, in science.

Here are the five main types of scientific tests I regularly recommend using with your students:

3 Tips for exploring science during spring 0

3 Tips for exploring science during spring

Spring is a season full of changes in the world around you. These few months present us with loads of opportunities to study certain aspects of science. 

This month I wanted to share with you three tips to help you maximize the potential of the season!

Curing the Winter Blahs with Homeschool Science 0

Christmas is over, the new year has begun, spring is around the corner, yet we are still stuck inside because it is just too cold to go out! February seems to be the time of the year when the winter blahs really set in. It's that time of year in which we tend to find ourselves with frozen toes, antsy kids, and no more ideas.

What can you do to inject a little life into this shortened month?