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Science Extras - Crafts, Activities, and More!

May 01, 2015 2 min read

Make science super fun by adding in a few of these extras from!Several months ago, I shared with you the three keys for teaching science. I wanted to come back and address each of the essentials in greater detail. For review, here are the three essentials:
  1. Performing Hands-on Scientific Tests
  2. Gathering Information
  3. Keeping a Record

Now that we have covered the three keys for teaching science, I wanted to share about some of the fun extras you can add to your week!


The extras are optional. They are not an essential key to teaching science, so why should you even bother with them in the first place?

Make science super fun by adding in a few of these extras from!

The extras can:

  • Feed your student’s passion for learning science.
  • Fuel the fire of learning you have sparked with the three keys.
  • Support and reinforce what the student is studying.

In short, the extras spice things up and keep your student interested in learning about science.


What exactly constitutes an “extra”? Here is my definition:

An extra is something that adds to or enhances what the student is already learning in their core curriculum.”

In science, extras can include the following:

  • Memory work –You can have the student work on memorizing fun, fact-filled poems, silly songs, or lists of facts related to what you are studying.
  • Crafts – You can add related art projects, like making edible Jell-O cells, sculpting clay earth models, or drawing azaleas with chalk pastels.
  • Posters – You can have the students make informational posters, such as one about the life cycle of a star, one showing the periodic table, or one about the metamorphosis of a butterfly.
  • Activities –You can take field trips, do another experiment related to the topic, or add in a citizen science project, like the Great Backyard Bird Count.

You certainly do not need to add each and every one of these ideas every week.

Instead, add some memory work when you land on a subject the student can’t get enough of, take a field trip to reinforce what you are teaching, or throw in a craft or poster when you find your student is bored of the normal routine.


Check out the following Pinterest boards for ideas for extras you can add to your science plans:


Follow Elemental Science 's board Biology on Pinterest.

Earth Science & Astronomy

Follow Elemental Science 's board Earth Science & Astronomy on Pinterest.


Follow Elemental Science 's board Chemistry on Pinterest.


Follow Elemental Science 's board Physics on Pinterest.

If you have any questions, head on over to Facebook or Google+ and join the conversation.

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