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How to make your own signs of spring reference journal

March 20, 2017 2 min read

Has spring visited your area yet? Keeping a "Signs of Spring" reference journal can help you anticipate the arrival of the best season of the year! 

You see, back when we lived in Virginia, spring was just started to peek out of winter's grip around this time of year. And it was always fun to look back through our spring flower pictures to see if this year's appearance was sooner or later than previous years. 

But this year, we are in Florida and spring shows up a whole lot sooner around here! So, we are documenting the arrival of spring with a brand-new journal - something I like to call a "Signs of Spring" reference journal. 

And I thought that you would enjoy making one, too! 

So in today's post, we are sharing some free printables and directions for keeping your own record of what in my humble opinion is the best season of every year!

Let's dig in . . .

How to make your own signs of spring reference journal 

What you will need:

You should begin making your journals as soon as you start to notice the appearance of the typical spring flowers.

Look for flowers like:

Once you start to spot these, print out a few pages and start recording! Basically, you will:

  • Head outside to look for signs of spring.
  • Write down the date, what you have found, where you found it, and a sentence or two about the subject.
  • Then, snap a photo to glue on the page later, or draw your own.
  • Once, the season is over, you can staple the book together and tuck it away to reference next year.

It's that simple!

2 Responses

Paige Hudson
Paige Hudson

April 02, 2019


You’re welcome!


Natalie S.
Natalie S.

April 02, 2019

Thank you for this special additional resource. Even our 3 year olds are enjoying the opportunity to record the signs of spring!

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