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3 Holiday Science Experiments Even The MWNE Will Love!

I know what you are thinking - why in the world would we want to compile a list of things that the Man with No Eyebrows (MWNE) would love?

Well, to be honest, we don't - but we didn't want you to miss these holiday science experiments. And we were sure that the mention of his name would draw you in.

Plus we know that if the Man with No Eyebrows were to try these three holiday science experiments . . . well, let's just say it might have changed the whole course of our summer science-learning adventure.

So let's get to them!

3 Holiday Science Experiments Everyone Will Love

3 Holiday Science Experiments Even The MWNE Will Love

#1 - Science Cookies

Who says cookie cutters are only for sugar cookie dough? To make some holiday science cookies you will need baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, plate, and a cookie cutter.

Start by using the food coloring to tint the vinegar either green or red. Then, place the cookie cutter on the plate and fill it with baking soda.  Now, use the eyedropper to squirt colored-vinegar on it!

The Results: You should see lots of fizzing where the vinegar meets the baking soda. This is due to the gas, carbon dioxide, that is released when an acid, like vinegar, reacts with a base, like baking soda.

#2 - Borax Ornaments

Nowadays Blaine and I love to decorate our tree with these scientific ornaments. You will need a wide-mouthed jar, a pencil, pipe cleaners, Borax, and water. (Note: You can find Borax in the laundry aisle of the local grocery store.  Be sure to buy the one labeled laundry booster, not the soap that includes Borax.)

Start by shaping pipe cleaners to into a snowflake shape.  This can be as simple or as complex as you wish, but make sure it will fit through the opening of your jar. Next, attach your snowflake to the pencil.  You want the pencil to be able to rest on the edge of your jar without having your snowflake touch the sides or bottom of the jar.

Now, add hot water until it almost fills the jar, noting how many cups of water it takes to fill the jar. Then, add the Borax one tablespoon at a time.  Taking care each time to stir until the Borax is dissolved.  You want to add about 3 tablespoons of Borax for every cup of water you have added.

Finally, hang your snowflake in the jar so that it is completely covered by the liquid. Allow the jar to sit undisturbed overnight.

The Results: The next morning you should see a snowflake covered beautiful crystals. These were formed as the Borax came out of solution and attached itself to the pipe cleaners.

#3 - Dissolving Candy Canes

Normally we like to let all our candy canes dissolve in our mouths, but every year we set a few aside for some Science fun! For this holiday science experiment, you will need two clear cups, two candy canes, and some water.

Fill the first cup with cold water and the second with warm water. Then, drop the candy canes in and watch what happens!

The Results: Both candy canes will dissolve in the water, but the one in the warm water will disappear much quicker. It may even twist and change shape as it dissolved. This is because the heat speeds up the movement of the molecules in the water causing the reaction to speed up!

A final word from the Twins

We trust all you Sassy-Sci Adventurers will have a blast added these holiday science experiments to your week! If you need a few more, like 30 more, ideas check out this Christmas Science post.

Blaine & Tracey Sassafras

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