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15 Valentines Science Activities You Are Sure To Love

February 14, 2018 2 min read

Valentine's Day is here and Blaine and I wanted to share fifteen super-fun Valentine's science activities you can try out to celebrate the holiday.

We promise that these will give you the googly eyes!

15 Valentines Science Activities You Are Sure To Love

Valentines science

We are going to share our favorite Valentine's science activity with you first and then, we'll let a few of our internet-science-blogger friends share the rest!

1. Send a Valentine's note with Science.

Now, we will warn you - Uncle Cecil has activated the smoke alarms more than a few times with the typical version of this activity. You know the one with lemon juice or milk and a candle.

It's all too easy to see your secret note go up in flames, so we are going to share a different spin on this one. One that we learned from the Kitchen Pantry Scientist. This one uses acid and base action instead.

Here's what you will need:

  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Q-tip
  • Small bowl
  • Paper
  • Cranberry juice
  • 9 by 12 pan

Mix a tablespoon and warm water in the small bowl. Dip the q-tip into the solution and use it to write a message on the paper. Let the paper dry.

Once your message dries, hand the paper to your friend. Have your friend fill the 9 by 12 pan with cranberry juice. Then, have your friend set the paper you gave them in the pan and wait for the message to be revealed!

And once you send a Valentine's note with science, check out these fourteen more Valentine's science activities you are sure to love!

Science Activities with Candy Hearts

2. Make a few candy hearts dance.

3. Test to see if candy hearts float or sink.

4. See how candy hearts react.

5. Dissolve a few candy hearts.

6. Design a candy heart rainbow.

Valentines-themed Science Activities

7. Mix up a batch of Valentine's slime.

8. Watch a few hearts bubble with baking soda and vinegar.

9. Make a crystal heart with Borax.

10. Play with frozen vinegar hearts.

11. Whip up some love potions.

12. Test to see which type of chocolate melts faster.

Share some Valentine's Science

13. Give a scientific Valentine card.

14. Recycle some paper while creating Valentine's heart paper.

15. Make a fingerprint Valentine.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you have a blast playing with these Valentine's science activities.  If you need a few more be sure to check out these 4 DIY Valentines ideas!


And if you forgot to get a Valentine's card for one of your siblings, these five free printable Valentine's Day Cards will help you spread the love with some Sassy-Sci style.

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