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Lesson 10: Relax, you have got this! {Season 3, Episode 59} 0

The final lesson we are sharing as part of season 3 of this podcast is to relax because you have got this! Click "Read More" to listen in.

Lesson 9: Invest in you so you have what you need to teach {Season 3, Episode 58} 0

We are responsible for our children’s education. Click "Read More" to listen to our ninth homeschooling lesson where we chat about 3 ways you can invest in you!

Lesson 8: Take a break and enjoy some holiday science {Season 3, Episode 57} 2

The holidays are just around the corner, which is exciting and it’s also the perfect time to switch things up a bit! Click "Read More" to listen to how we handle the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, including three tips for holiday science.

Lesson 7: You don't have to check off every box {Season 3, Episode 56} 0

I love to see a sheet with all the boxes checked. Click "Read More" to listen in as I share how I learned over the years that you don’t really have to check off every single box. 

Lesson 6: Make reviewing science fun! {Season 3, Episode 55} 0

For our sixth homeschooling lesson, we are chatting about reviewing your science lessons. Click "Read More" to see three ways you can make reviewing science fun for your kiddos!

Lesson 5: Homeschooling doesn’t require perfection {Season 3, Episode 54} 0

If you struggle with perfection in your homeschool, today’s lesson is for you. Click "Read More" to listen to why homeschooling doesn't require perfection.

Lesson 4: Don’t skip that science discussion time {Season 3, Episode 53} 0

In today's episode, we are back to talking purely about science! Click "Read More" to listen to the fourth lesson, which is a charge not to skip that science discussion time.

Lesson 3: Jump off the Wheel of If's {Season 3, Episode 52} 0


In today's episode, we will chat about another important lesson I have learned in ten years of homeschooling - to jump off the wheel of if’s. Click "Read More" to listen to this lesson.

Lesson 2: It's okay to have a failed experiment {Season 3, Episode 51} 0

In today's episode, we will chat about the most important lesson I want you to get about teaching science - it's okay to have a failed experiment. Click "Read More" to listen to this lesson.