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Lesson 9: Invest in you so you have what you need to teach {Season 3, Episode 58}

Lesson 9: Invest in you so you have what you need to teach science {Season 3, Episode 58}

We are responsible for our children’s education. And I have found over the years that for me to have what I need to pour out, I need to invest in filling up my cup. So for our ninth homeschooling lesson, we are going to chat about 3 ways you can invest in you!

Welcome to Season 3 of The Tips for Homeschool Science Show. This season, I am sharing 10 lessons I have learned in my ten plus years of homeschooling.  I hope that all of them will help you on your homeschooling journey!

{Disclaimer - I don't claim to know everything there is to know about homeschooling, but these ten lessons are ones that I have found important and useful in my homeschooling journey. And I trust that you will too.}

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Lesson 9 Transcripts

Be sure to invest in you.

As homeschooling mommas, we are the ones in charge of our children’s education. By choosing to homeschool, we have agreed to take on that responsibility.

And over the years we have been on this journey, I have learned that to do that job well, I need to invest in myself. So for today’s lesson, I wanted to chat with you all about three ways that I invest money and time to build my homeschooling momma skills!

#1 – Invest in self-education.

First, I invest in learning how to be a better teacher. Over the summer break, I will typically choose one or two new homeschooling books to read. My hope is to glean something new that I can apply to our homeschool or to be encouraged to keep going in our homeschooling journey.

I also listen to several podcasts that have to do with homeschooling. I find it helpful to listen to different perspectives, to hear about options outside of things I naturally gravitate towards, and to learn more about the philosophies and ideas that we already use in our homeschool.

These books, podcasts, and even blogs take time and money, but the investment is worth it because the different voices have helped me to shape a homeschooling journey that I am proud of. One that has raised a competent, curious teenager ready to embark on her own journey through life. And one that hasn’t killed the love of learning in a very hands-on, active little boy.

I encourage you to take the time to learn how you can better teach your children, you won’t regret the investment.

#2 – Invest in tools.

We live in an age where there are so many tools to make life easier that it can be overwhelming. But I have found that investing in a few tools, outside of the typical homeschooling programs and educational games, make my days and weeks go smoother and it’s well worth it.

For me, I love my Instapot, thick binders, and running shoes! I need these things to be a good teacher. The Instapot lets me focus on math while lunch cooks. The thick binders keep all my plans in one place. And the running shoes, well they let me do the activity that keeps me sane for the rest of the time!

The tools that make your days and weeks go smoother will probably be different for you. But take the time to figure those out. Does that awesome planner make your life easier? Does that meal planning app cut the time you need to get dinner on the table? Does a cleaning lady reduce your stress?

I encourage you to take the money to purchase the tools that will make it easier for you to be a better teacher, you won’t regret the investment.

#3 – Invest in rest.

You have heard me say it before – rest is important to our sanity as homeschooling mommas.  You need a break from your homeschooling responsibilities and from your kiddos every once in a while.

This can be a simple walk in your backyard alone. It can be lunch with a friend. It can be a monthly massage. It can be twenty minutes of reading every afternoon. It can be five minutes behind a locked bathroom door!

However you choose to get your recharge I encourage you to take the time to get the rest you need, you won’t regret the investment.

In a Nutshell

So, invest in your education, in those helpful tools, and in a bit of rest. These three things will help you to be the very best educator you can be for your children. I promise you won’t regret it.

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