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Elemental Science Blog


How to Add Nature Study to your Homeschool Science Curriculum 0

Where does nature study fit into a homeschool science curriculum? Is it the centerpiece? Or just an afterthought?

Should it even be a part of your plan at all? Click "Read More" to learn the answers! 

Teaching Biology at Home 0

Biology is typically taught first in homeschool science because topics relating to animals, plants, and the human body are a wonderful first introduction to science.

This month, I wanted to share a brief picture of how you can teach the principles of biology to the students in your homeschool, co-op, or school - just click "Read More".

3 Ways to Work on Observation 0

We cannot simply say “observe” to our students and expect them to automatically have observations skills.

We actually have to teach our students how to observe and we can do that through a variety of ways. Click "Read More" to find out three of those ways.

Teaching Earth Science at Home 0

Learn how you can teach earth science at home!

Often, earth science is looked on as the lesser science when compared to the giants of biology, chemistry, and physics. However, it is very important for our students to understand and appreciate the Earth we live on.  

This month, I wanted to share a brief picture of how you can teach the principles of earth science to the students in your homeschool, co-op, or school - just click "Read More".

Observation is Key 0

Observation is a key skill for our little homeschool scientists to possess, but what is observation? Simply put, observation is taking the time to look at the things going on around you. It’s intentionally watching what is happening right in front of you.

Click "Read More" to learn how you can help you students work on their observation skills!

I want to teach science, but I don’t want to deal with chemicals 0

CAUTION – Dangerous chemicals! Wear protective eye-wear. Do not breathe in any fumes.

All that really makes you want to get going on that experiment, doesn’t it? No? Then, click "Read More" to grab some tips to jump over the hurdle of dealing with chemicals and get onto the fun of teaching science!

3 Supplies you must have on hand for Fall Science Experiments 0

Fall is Brad’s favorite season. I’ll admit that before I met him, I wasn’t all that impressed with the season. I am more of a spring gal – love all those spring blooms!

But over the years, his love of fall has worn off on me. I have come to really enjoy the crisp mornings and the changing colors. Click "Read More" to see my three favorite supplies to use for fall science experiments!

I want to teach science, but textbooks put me to sleep 0

So, you want to teach science at home? But when you think back to the textbooks you read, a yawn unwittingly escapes from your mouth.

I have good news – you don’t have to use textbooks to teach science to your students at home! Click "Read More" to find out what you can use instead.

21 Tips for Hand-on Science 0

As many of us prepare to begin the school year, I wanted to highlight twenty-one posts that will help you with hands-on aspect of science. These articles will help you prepare and get ready for a super-fun year packed with learning science!