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5 Incredible Benefits of Taking Short Walks in Nature with your Kids for Homeschool Science

Summer is the perfect time to start a practice of taking a walk in nature. Not only will these walks create memories, but they will help you sneak in a bit of science!

Summer is the perfect time to start a practice of taking a walk in nature! Not only will these walks create memories, but they will help you sneak in a bit of science!

Let’s look at 5 benefits of taking a nature walk...

5 Benefits of Taking Walks in Nature with your Homeschoolers

Throughout our years of homeschooling, we have seen so many benefits in incorporating nature study into our plans for science. Sometimes we have planned it all out, but most of the time we did informal nature study as we were out on a walk. 

Either way, we have seen so many benefits from taking walks in nature! Here are my top 5 benefits related to homeschool science…

1. On a walk in nature, your kids will practice their observation skills.

Observation is one of the most important skills for a scientist to have. So it is super important to have our budding scientists work on their observation skills. We can do this in a variety of ways, but one of the easiest ways is to go for a walk in nature, asking your kids what they see or hear as you go along.

2. On a walk in nature, your kids will benefit from encouraged discussion time.

Along with practicing their observation skills, is the importance of learning to ask questions. In other words, discussion time is significant part of our kids science learning experience. When we are on a walk, kids can ask about what they see, share ideas, and guess at explanations. We can answer questions and model for them the all-so-important words, “I don’t know, let’s look it up.”

3. On a walk in nature, your kids will learn about nature.

It kind of goes without saying, but when you are in nature observing and discussing, you will learn about nature! A walk is a great time to learn about your local plants (flora) and animals (fauna). If you can tie these moments into what you have already learned, you’ll create an even stronger peg of knowledge for your homeschooled kids.

4. On a walk in nature, your kids will see science in action.

Beyond learning about the local flora and fauna, your kids can see science in action while out on a walk. The can see the effects of gravity on a leaf, the mechanics of flight in a bird, the surface tension in a water droplet, and so much more.

5. On a walk in nature, your kids will get some exercise.

And finally, your homeschoolers will get some exercise! Science has shown the multiple benefits of exercise, but did you know that a 20-minute walk can boost memory, improve mood, and sharpen concentration? A recent study has shown that it can! 

Wrapping it Up

Of course, there are many other benefits, such as learning mapping skills and recalibrating your day. But these are the 5 top scientific benefits of talking a walk outdoors!

If you would like to level up your walk in nature to a full-blown nature study, here are some helpful resources:

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