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The Three Keys for Teaching Science at Home {Conference Session #1} 0

As promised, for season 2 of the Tips for Homeschool Science Show we are opening up our conference session vaults. Click "Read More" to listen to the first session – The Three Keys to Teaching Science.

Have you missed any of these homeschool science tips? {Season 1 Podcast Recap} 0


We shared 34 episodes as part of what we are calling "Season 1" of our podcast, the Tips for Homeschool Science Show. Click "Read More" to see them all!

50 Top Tips and Tools for Homeschool Science From Elemental Science To You 0

We have shared literally hundreds of tips and tools over the years to help you teach science at home. Click "Read More" to see our top tips and tools for homeschool science!

Grab these Amazing Christmas Science Specials and Gifts Right Now 2

Grab some Christmas science for a great price as you help out Toys for Tots in this Cyber Monday sale! Click "Read More" to see the details.

5 Ways you never thought you could use to teach science - boring textbooks not included 0

Are you not a fan of using textbooks to teach science? Good news, you don't have to! Click "Read More" to see five options will get you excited about teaching science at home!

A simple explanation of the steps of the scientific method 0

So what is the scientific method? Well, in a nutshell, the scientific method trains the brain to examine and observe before making a statement of fact. Click "Read More" to learn about the six steps.

Our Experience with the Preschool Science Series 2

Wondering what it looks like to use the Preschool Series for homeschool science?

Go ahead and click "Read More" for a peek inside our homeschool and get your answer!

Which type of microscope is right for your homeschool? 4

Which type of microscope is right for your homeschool? A palm-sized one? A digital scope? Or the kind you used in school? Click "Read More" to see the pros and cons of each!

The Ultimate Guide to Science in the Classical Education Model 4


Wondering what science in the classical education model looks like? Click "Read More" to dig deeper into classical education and how science fits into this model of learning!