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Can I really teach homeschool science through high school?

May 01, 2014 2 min read

Can I really teach homeschool science through high school?

With each passing homeschool year, we are getting closer and closer to high school. In fact, as I was planning out this next year it hit me - we have only got two more years before we reach high school.

There can be a lot of pressure in that realization. It feels like all of the sudden homeschool is going to really count. And with that feeling, a fear sets in, one that says if I don't get it right, my kids will be ruined for life.

I wanted to take a moment to encourage you this month with an excerpt from our book, Success in Science, about the goals for high school science.

The high school student has already mastered the basic facts as well as some of the reasons behind them, so they are prepared to move onto the more complicated details of science. They are far more contemplative and when they ask questions, it is obvious that they have put some thought into the inquiry. However, the high school student is still working on knowing how and when to express themselves.

The high school years begin when the student enters high school, usually around 9th grade, and end when the student is ready to go to college.During these years the student is learning and applying the principles of science as well as learning how to articulate themselves intelligently. The student who has followed our plan up till know will have a good grasp of science, so they can really focus on tackling the difficult concepts along with shoring up their knowledge of the scientific method.

Your Goals
You have two goals for the high school years:
  1. To make sure that the student knows and understands the principles and laws at work in science.
  2. To teach them how to relate what they have learned to the things they see around them.

We compare the high school student to a law student. They have access to a great deal of organized, filed away information, but they are still learning advanced techniques as well as learning when to use the material and how to apply it. So, when you teach science, you will be playing to their intellectual strengths while teaching them how to filter what they know and apply it to the current situation.


So as you can see, your goals for teaching homeschool science are completely achievable! The other good news is the methods with which you reach these goals can vary. You could:

  • Pull together your own plan using a textbook and experiments;
  • Enroll in a live online course;
  • Purchase a pre-planned high school course;
  • Or sign your students up for a DVD course through an online school.

Don't let science, or any other course, keep you from homeschooling through high school. With the changes in technology and the increase in homeschool-friendly options, you can reach the goals of science education for high school at home. 

This article was written by our author, Paige Hudson. You can also find her mixing up solutions for homeschool science at Elemental Blogging. If you want to receive more articles just like this, plus our monthly discounts, sign up for our newsletter in the box below or click here.

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