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Teach the basics of the human body, weather, stars, matter, acid, and energy!

Get a year's worth of science units in one convenient package. These bundles are appropriate for families with students who are in K through 6th grade. The easy-to-use plans, plus attractive lapbook and notebook templates will help you to create a fantastic learning opportunity in your homeschool with minimal effort.

Key Features of Science Chunks:

  • A reading plan for both younger and older students divided up into weekly lessons in the guide; 

  • Two writing options, a set of simple lapbooking templates and a set of interesting notebooking pages, giving the ability to use the unit with multiple ages;

  • Each lesson also includes one to two hands-on science activities;

  • Plus, every unit contains vocabulary, a list of additional books, and an end-of-unit review sheet!

In short, you will have a plan for teaching a chunk of science to your kiddos for only $1 a week!

What Else You Will Need

In addition to the guide, you will need:

  • Younger students (1st to 3rd grade) - DK First Human Body Encyclopedia, Glow in the Dark Constellations, DK Children's Encyclopedia, Basher Chemistry
  • Older students (4th to 6th grade) - Usborne Science Encyclopedia, Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, Glow in the Dark Constellations
  • All students - Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbesby Beverly Birch
  • Simple Supplies - each unit will have a list of the supplies you need at the beginning of the guide.

This Year Bundle includes the following units: 

Note - Both year bundle options will provide the same materials, just in a different package. The video below explains the differences and similarities.

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