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Our Rhetoric Stage Science Courses

For high school, we offer easy-to-follow plans centered around a standard textbook from CK12, which are enhanced by online labs provided by Late Nite Labs.

Our rhetoric stage guides contain textbook assignments that each schedule reading selections, vocabulary terms, and comprehension questions. The programs also contain weekly experiments held in a state-of-the-art virtual lab provided through Late Nite Labs. Additionally, these guides offer optional hands-on experiments, events in science assignments, and tests throughout the year.

Programs in the Series 

Late Nite Labs - We are aware that MacMillian Learning is planning on switching the platform for Late Nite Labs. At this point, those changes are in a state of flux and the details have not been nailed down. We are in the process of figuring out the adjustments we need to make to your high school programs as a result of the changes with Late Nite Labs. Until all those details are ironed out, we recommend that you either purchase a lab kit from the Home Scientist for your experiments or you use the hands-on activities already included in the guide plus a few additional experiments you find on the Internet. Here are the charts coordinating the kit for the Home Scientist with our programs.

Note - For those of you looking for the online courses that we previously offered, we will no longer be providing these classes. Instead, we are recommending the online high school science courses offered by The Well-Trained Mind Academy.  

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