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Homeschool Science Activities — science experiments


How you can use kitchen science to send a secret message on Valentine's Day 0

Valentine's day is the perfect time to use a bit of kitchen science to send a secret message to your loved one! Click "Read More" to see how you can do this.

Mix up a batch of crazy colors and scare your peeps {Halloween Science} 0

Part color-change, part stink-up-the-kitchen – this Halloween science activity requires a bit of preparation, but it is totally worth it! Click "Read More" to see the directions.

Top Ten Christmas Science Experiments 0

These Christmas science experiments have been hits year after year in our house. Click "Read More" to get the directions, so you can do these with your students!

5 Earth Science Activities You Don't Want to Miss 0

There are loads of hands-on science activities that you can add to your earth science studies. One quick search on Pinterest will confirm that. Click "Read More" to see what our top five are!

How to make edible rocks {Earth Science Activity} 0

Nothing makes science more fun that an edible project! Click "Read More" to check out how you can teach your students about rocks using chocolate - super yum!