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Chemistry for the Grammar Stage Resources


This resource page contains quick links to the activities suggested in Chemistry for the Grammar Stage. Any corrections or additional resources will also be found on this page.

Resources for Chemistry for the Grammar Stage

Spine Texts*

The following books are scheduled for use in this guide. You will need to purchase them or
find a suitable substitute to complete this program.

Younger Encyclopedia Options 

Older Encyclopedia Options

Scientist Study Book Options

Scientific Demonstration Books - You will need this book to complete the scientific demonstrations in this program.

*The above spine text links are affiliate links through Amazon.

Teacher Resources

The following two books are resources that we have written to help you as teach science at home:

Quick Links from the Chemistry for the Grammar Stage Teacher Guide


Matter Unit

Periodic Table Unit

Physical Changes Unit

  • There are no links for this unit.

Chemical Changes Unit

Mixtures Unit

Acids and Bases Unit

Organic Chemistry Unit


    Changes to Chemistry for the Grammar Stage


    There are no known errors at this time. If you do find something, please send it to support@elementalscience.com so that we can correct the error in the next printing.


    • 2017: A second printing of the updated edition was released.
    • 2016: The program was updated to a new format, which included easier instructions and more activities. The lapbooking templates and coloring pages were also released at this time.
    • 2012: A second printing of the first edition was released with several new pictures.
    • 2010: The first edition of was released.

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