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The two types of nature study - Nature Study Session, part 2 {Episode 45}


The two types of nature study - Nature Study Session, part 2 {Episode 45}

So now we know that nature study is all about finding the principles of science in nature, but how exactly do you go about doing this? Well, there are two main options, both of which we are going to chat about in this second part of our nature study conference session.

Hi, I’m Paige Hudson and you are listening to the Tips for Homeschool Science Show where we are breaking down the lofty concepts of science into building blocks you can use in your homeschool!

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Listen to the two main options in the second part of our nature study conference session.

There are two main types of nature study:

  1. Formal - more structured and planned out
  2. Informal - more laid-back

Formal nature study is planned out and has a bit of structure It includes two key parts:

  • The nature walk (i.e., a walk with purpose)
  • The nature journal (i.e., a personal record of your nature study)

Informal nature study is spontaneous and simple - it's like a mini-science class on the fly.

You can fit formal and informal nature study in as:

  • The core of your plan (i.e., your plan for hands-on science)
  • The icing on your weekly cake (i.e., as part of Friday Fun Day)
  • The occasional treat (i.e., fit it in when you can)

Takeaway Tidbits

Don't be afraid to say "I don't know, let's look it up!" (Pin this Tidbit)
In your nature journal, always include one fact and the date. (Pin this Tidbit)

Informal nature study is as simple as . . . Stop, Look, and Listen. (Pin this Tidbit)

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