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Friday Fun Day {Homeschool Science Tip from Elemental Science}

February 13, 2017 1 min read

Homeschool Science Tip - End your homeschooling week with Friday Fun Day!

Have you heard of “Friday Fun Day” before? I will not pretend to be the first one to have coined this term, but we have definitely enjoyed incorporating Friday Fun Day’s into our homeschooling routine.

What is Friday Fun Day, you ask?

It’s when you set aside a day to take a break from your normal routine and have a blast doing all those “extras” you don’t have time for.

Here’s what we like to do on Friday Fun Day:

  • Start the day reading a silly poem or playing a phonics game.
  • Play a math game.
  • Head outside for nature study time.
  • Take a trip to the library.
  • Get messy with an art project as we listen to music.
  • Watch a related history video.

As you can see, our Friday Fun Days hit all the highlights of the subjects we are studying, but with a fun twist! It gives us the chance to fit in all the “extras” each week and provides a flex day if something important comes up.

I will say that my high schoolers Friday Fun Day doesn’t look quite so exciting, but she does try to join us for nature study, art, and music time if her workload allows it!

So go ahead – end your week on a high note with a Friday Fun Day!

Need a few ideas?

Check out the following:

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