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Can babies, toddlers, and science mix? Yes, as long as you use these 5 simple tips! {Episode 32}


Can babies, toddlers, and science mix? Yes, as long as you use these 5 simple tips! {Episode 32}

Are you getting ready to add a baby into the mix? Is your littlest one getting ready to start walking? These are precious times and we do need to slow down and savor them because they pass so quickly!

So, does that mean that we should stop teaching science to our older set during this fleeting window? Not necessarily! In this episode, I am going to share a few tips with you to help you continue to teach science even with little ones underfoot.

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These five tips will help you teach science with little ones underfoot.

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The Highlights

Our babies are eight years apart and though we have long outgrown the toddler phase, I understand how impossible it sounds to do any kind of hands-on science lessons with a baby or toddler underfoot.

I trust that these five tips will help you tame the chaos of mixing babies, toddlers, and science.

Tip #1 – Take advantage of nap time.

When your youngest is taking a nap – this is the perfect time to do those science experiments and projects that don’t mix with little hands.

Tip #2 – Have a toddler school-time surprise box.

One of the best tips a friend gave me to entertain toddlers was to have a box with special toys that you only pull down when you need to get school done.  

Tip #3 – Strap them in at the table with you.

When your little one wouldn’t sit on the floor by himself, strap him into his high chair and do school at the table.

Tip #4 – Make your lessons short.

Having short lessons with movement in between benefits your little one and keeps you on track with science.

Tip #5 – Give yourself a sanity break.

On those days when it feels like a huge struggle just to get breakfast on the table, give yourself a sanity break, which will help you continue to do science week after week.

Takeaway Tidbits

"When our little guy came along, it was completely by accident that I discovered what a wonderful tool the high chair can be during school time." -Paige Hudson {Pin this Tidbit}
"One way that helped me to mix babies, toddlers, and science was to have short lessons with lots of breaks." - Paige Hudson {Pin this Tidbit}

Here are a few more tips to help you:

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