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Have you been scared away from teaching science by one of these common science-fears? {Episode 31}


Have you been scared away from teaching science by one of these common science-fears? {Episode 31}

With Halloween almost upon us, our Instagram and Facebook feeds are packed with all sorts of scary things. And today, I wanted to address the scariest of them all – teaching science at home!

If you have been listening to this podcast for any length of time, you know I don’t think that is true! Even so, today in this episode we are going to chat about three common science-fears and why those puppies shouldn’t scare you at all!

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Come see why these three common science-teaching fears shouldn't scare you away.

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The Highlights

In all my travels, I have run across three main reasons why people are afraid of teaching science at home over and over again.  

Let’s dig into the top three science-fears and see what the real scoop is!

Science-Fear #1 – Science is a lofty subject that only experts can teach.

Don't be scared by the idea that you must have a few letters after your name to teach science.

Instead, relax in the knowledge that with the right curriculum as our guide, we can teach science at home.

Science-Fear #2 – Science will be boring.

Don’t be afraid that science at home will be boring!

Instead, relax because as homeschoolers we can use a variety of materials to make science interesting for our students

Science-Fear #3 – Science experiments require access to a fully-stocked professional lab.

Don’t let the idea of having to have professional grade lab materials scare you away from teaching science.

Instead, relax because most of your experiments can be done at home with common, household materials.

Takeaway quotes:

"The bulk of science can be understood, appreciated, and taught by homeschooling mommas." -Paige Hudson {Pin this Tidbit}
"Don’t be afraid to teach science at home, with the right program and access to your kitchen pantry you can make science fun and exciting for your students!" - Paige Hudson {Pin this Tidbit}

Here are a few more tips to help you:

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