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3 Keys to Teaching Science Video

3 Keys to Teaching Science

Here at Elemental Science, these keys serve as the basis for each of our programs. As part of our mission to help teachers and parents teach science, we wanted to provide this information free to all.

In the following conference session video, Paige Hudson shares more about the three keys to teaching science and how you can incorporate these into your plan. 

This 45-minute video will give you the tools you need to evaluate your choices for a science curriculum or to design a plan for yourself!

Wondering what your homeschool science curriculum plan needs to include in a nutshell?

There are three basic keys that every plan should include:

  1. Performing Hands-on Scientific Tests
  2. Gathering Information
  3. Keeping a Record

These three keys should be included in any quality science curriculum!

The Three Keys to Teaching Science {Infograph}

Additional Resources

See all our resources to help you teach science or read the original posts that serve as the basis for this presentation:

  1. Key #1 - Performing Hands-on Scientific Tests
  2. Key #2 - Gathering Information
  3. Key #3 - Keeping a Record
  4. The Extras - Crafts, Activities, and More!

We trust that this information will help you understand how to teach science!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments below!

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