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Read About Science {Homeschool Science Tip from Elemental Science}

July 01, 2019 1 min read

Homeschool Science Tip of the Month - Read a few books about science this summer.

Summer is all about fun! It's about taking a well-deserved break from the norm, playing in the sunshine, and enjoying being outdoors.

But you are bound to have a few moments of downtime where you want to spend the time lying in a hammock or in your bed reading. And during that time, I want to encourage you to have your children read a few books about science!

We love to take weekly trips to the library and we continue those trips throughout the summer. While at the library, you can have your kiddos check out a few books on science.

These can be:

  • Non-fiction books at their level
  • Biographies of scientists
  • Highly visual or engaging encyclopedias
  • Adventure books with a science theme

Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that interests your kids so that they will want to pick it up and read it or have it read to them!

Here are a few lists of science books you can check out:

And of course, summer is a perfect time to read-aloud one of the Sassafras Science Adventures novels!

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