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Night Sky {Homeschool Science Tip from Elemental Science}


Homeschool Science Tip - Look up and explore the night sky!

Summer is here!! In our house, we have about another week of school before we wrap things up for summer break.

But that doesn’t mean that the learning stops. We may not have formal lessons during the summer, but I still incorporate some fun learning activities throughout our day.

We will listen to music, do art projects, read living books, and do a bit of nature study. Since the days are so hot in Florida, we plan on doing our nature study at night as we look up and explore the night sky!

This month, I want to encourage you all to take some time to head out to a place where they aren't too many artificial lights. Then, spread out a blanket, lay down, and look up!

As you search the amazing night sky, you can:

  • Try to identify these fifteen constellations.
  • Look for planets. (Mars tends to be the easiest to spot – it looks like a bright red star.)
  • Figure out where the moon is in the lunar cycle.

If you find that you really enjoy exploring the night sky, you can pick up a spotting guide and a good set of binoculars or a simple telescope to enhance your stellar searches.

Want more tips to help you explore the night sky?

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  • Paige Hudson