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Enjoy Spring {Homeschool Science Tip from Elemental Science}



Homeschool Science Tip - Get outside this month and enjoy the arrival of spring.

Here in the northern hemisphere, we are welcoming my favorite season - spring! The weather is turning warmer and signs of spring are popping up everywhere. It's a magical time of the year.

All that works together to make this the perfect time to get outside and enjoy what nature has to teach us about science! This month, when you finally have one of those perfect spring days, here are a few ways you can learn about science outside:

  • Start doing nature study again.
  • Choose one of those messy, fun science activities to do outside.
  • Look closer at the parts of a flower through a spring bloom.
  • Listen for the different calls of the birds.
  • Or just take a walk!

Getting a bit of Vitamin D from the spring sunshine will help sweep away the winter doldrums and get your crew re-focused on their studies. Plus, you will get to savor the delightful changes of this season!

Need a few ideas?

Check out the following:

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  • Paige Hudson