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Homeschool Science Speaker: Paige Hudson

Hi, I am Paige Hudson, author of the award-winning programs at Elemental Science, the voice behind the Tips for Homeschool Science Show, and homeschooling mom of two. As the holder of a degree in Biochemistry and the author of more than 30 award-winning books and curricula, I bring to the table many years of experience as a homeschool teacher, writer, podcaster, and science lover!

My purpose, as a speaker, is to make sure those who come to listen walk away confident in their ability to teach or direct their student’s science education.

I seek to share my passion by providing the attendees with practical information about teaching science. I work to remove the fears associated with teaching science and to encourage the listeners with ideas on how they can teach science in their homeschool.

I am currently booking engagements to speak (in person or virtually) on a number of topics relating to homeschool science for your co-op, school, or convention.

Please email for speaker rates and availability.

Speaking Experience and Feedback

To get an idea of my speaking style, you can listen to my podcast, the Tips for Homeschool Science Show, which has over 50,000 downloads. 

If you would like to see a sample of one of my sessions, please see the following conference session playlist

Speaking Experience

I have spoken at the following events:

Attendee Testimonials

Paige’s session was so encouraging and I now feel like I have the tools to move forward with teaching science! ~from GHC event attendee

Paige Hudson is an excellent speaker. She is able to present the scientific method in a easy way, showing parents how to use this with kids from preschool to high school. Her session on teaching science to kids is clear and easy to follow. CurrClick was thrilled to have her speak. Her sessions were very popular and the feedback we received was extremely positive. ~Leah Nieman-CoFounder,

I wanted to thank you for your time, effort, and your wonderful presentations. ~from a CurrClick “Can’t Make it to Convention”  Event attendee

Paige and the Elemental Science Team prepared an informative overview of the classical model of education as well as a customized science training that fit our school’s needs.  I was pleased at how organized, professional, and helpful she was.  My staff now has the tools to move forward with implementing a successful, classical science program. ~Rebecca Hunt-Director, Providence Academy

Other Notable Mentions

My work has also been published in the HSLDA magazine and highlighted in The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (4th Edition) and Cathy Duffy's Top 102 Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.

Please email for speaker rates and availability.

Speaking Topics

In each seminar, I aim to cover the material in a clear manner through the use of comprehensible speech and professional-looking Power-Point presentations.  I also make sure that there are opportunities for the attendees to ask any questions they may have about the subject.

I am available to speak on the following topics:

  • How to teach science
  • Experiments in the homeschool setting
  • The science fair project
  • Living books for science
  • Nature study
  • Notebooking
  • Classical education and science

I can customize the session for your event, or you can choose from one of the following presentation topics.

Current Session Offerings and Descriptions

{Popular} The Three Keys to Homeschool Science

In this session, Paige details the three key ingredients for teaching science in your homeschool. She also provides several tools and methods you can use to apply the keys to your homeschool education plan from preschool through high school.

{Popular} Inspiring your students to love science through living books

In this session, Paige defines what qualifies a book as “living” and shares how to use these resources effectively in your homeschool. She also gives several examples of how to foster a love for science in your students through the use living books as spines or supplements in your homeschool. 

{New} Toss the boring worksheets and change the way you write in science

In this session, Paige shares what notebooking is and how this type of writing can change science in your homeschool. Along the way, she covers how to use notebooking with multiple ages and how to organize your notebooks along with the answers to several other common questions for using notebooking all within the context of teaching science. (This session expands upon my popular YouTube series on writing in science.)

{New} Answering the 6 WH words you have about homeschool science

In this session, Paige answers the 6 WH question words about homeschool science. She covers why you need to teach science, who you should teach science to, when you start teaching science, where you can teach science, what you should share, and how to teach science at home. 

{New} What a week with science can look like in your home

In this session, Paige shares four versions of what science can look like in your home. She shows you what science can look like with a literature-based approach, with a nature-centered approach, with an unschooling approach, and with a classical approach. Along the way, she will share plenty of examples and give time for questions to help you work through how you want science to look in your home!

Choosing Classical Education doesn't mean you choose weak science 

In this session, Paige shares her experiences with teaching science through the classical model in her own homeschool. She reviews the stages of classical education and relays the goals of science instruction at each of these phases. Along the way, she shows you how you can have a strong plan for science within the classical education model. 

Hands-on Science 101: The Homeschooler's Guide to Experiments

In this session, Paige explains the benefits and difficulties of incorporating experiments into the homeschool setting. She removes the fear of doing experiments at home by sharing the different types of scientific tests you can do at home. Along the way, she provides tips for adding experiments into your homeschool routine from preschool through high school, including a live demonstration on how you can use one experiment with multiple ages of students.

Nature study – the natural way to learn about science

In this session, Paige explains what nature study is and where this method fits into science education. In the process, she shares about nature journals, how to use nature study with the whole family, and what nature study can look like in each of the seasons. You’ll be inspired to add this beneficial tool to your bag of science-teaching tricks!

Please email for speaker rates and availability.