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The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 6: Astronomy Printed Combo


Turn a science adventure into a full homeschool science curriculum with the Sassafras Science printed combo!

The zip-lining science adventure blasts off for Blaine and Tracey Sassafras! On this leg of their journey, the twins (and you) will learn about planets, stars, telescopes, and more, as the Sassafras Twins zip around the globe.

You will visit locations like a Hawaiian observatory, a European museum, and even head out of this world! Along the way, Blaine and Tracey will meet a variety of local experts who help them learn about the different astronomical wonders found here on Earth and out in space. This adventure-style living book weaves information about astronomy into an action-packed story that is sure to inspire your students! Read an excerpt from the book.

The Sassafras Guide to Astronomy has chapter summaries, SCIDAT logbook information, encyclopedia readings, additional book lists, experiments, copywork/dictation, activities, quizzes, and more! It gives you the tools to turn your astronomical journey into a complete science curriculum for your elementary students.

The Official Sassafras SCIDAT Logbook: Astronomy Edition is authorized and approved by the Sassafras twins. This logbook gives the student space to record what they have learned as they follow the space adventures of Blaine and Tracey Sassafras. 

View a sample of The Sassafras Guide to Astronomy and The Official Sassafras SCIDAT Logbook: Astronomy Edition or watch the video below to see inside these books.

Product Details 

This printed combo includes a copy of The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 6: Astronomy, The Sassafras Guide to Astronomy, and The Official Sassafras SCIDAT Logbook: Astronomy Edition. 

The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 6: Astronomy

  • perfect bound book (black & white interior)
  • 5.5 by 8.5 inches
  • 374 pages
  • 5th-grade reading level 
  • ISBN: 978-1-935614-93-7

    The Sassafras Guide to Astronomy

    • perfect bound book (black & white interior)
    • 8.5 by 11 inches
    • 164 pages
    • ISBN: 978-1-935614-94-4

      The Official Sassafras SCIDAT Logbook: Astronomy Edition

      • perfect bound book (black & white interior)
      • 8.5 by 11 inches
      • 98 pages
      • ISBN: 978-1-935614-95-1

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