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Middle School Science from Elemental Science

We offer several lines of middle school science programs for your students. Each of these series has its own unique features. Here is a quick look at our different series: 

What our middle school science programs include

All of our programs include:

  • Weekly experiments;
  • Reading plans with discussion questions;
  • Schedules and lots of teacher guidance;
  • Plus, customized student materials for your students to record what they have learned.

In short, all of our programs include the three keys to teaching science expertly planned out for you!

Middle School Science Courses

The Classical Science Series

Our award-winning Classical Science Series explores an area of science over a full school year. These programs use additional children's encyclopedias to foster independent learning in your logic stage student. 

The teacher guide contains the materials, answers, and tips you will need to guide your student through their year of learning. The student guide includes all the weekly assignments and customized pages the student will need to complete for the year. We also have put together experiment kits to make finding the materials for the experiments in the program super easy!

The programs in this series make teaching science within the classical model super easy!

Middle School Programs in the Classical Science Series 

Standard Middle School Science Courses

The following courses follow a more traditional textbook-style approach to middle school science. 

These programs use the free, online textbooks from CK-12. In the self-study guides, you will find textbook assignments, experiment information, and current events homework. Plus, there are optional hands-on activities along with schedules for two different courses: a hands-on course and a digital course.

These courses are written to the student with the teacher acting as more of a facilitator so there is only one book. 

Available Courses 

The Sassafras Science Series

Our Sassafras Science series takes your students on a journey to learn about science! This series is based on our wildly popular, modern living books for science, The Sassafras Science Adventures

With a few modifications, such as using the suggested older encyclopedia readings and adding in a science fair project, you can use the Sassafras Science novels with older students.

You can also use the novels of the Sassafras Science Series as a way to inject a bit of fun into your current middle school science curriculum. (Note - If your students are in 7th or 8th grade, we recommend using one of our logic stage programs or a standard middle school science course instead.)

Programs in the Sassafras Science Series

The Science Chunks Series

Our Science Chunks series makes it possible for you to teach science in bite-sized chunks! You can pick and choose the subjects that your students want to learn about with these 4- to 12-week-long units.

Each of these digital unit study guides includes a reading plan that is broken up into weekly lessons and all the templates and pictures you need to create a beautiful lapbook or notebook on the subject. Plus, each lesson also includes vocabulary, a list of additional books, and coordinating science activities.

These unit studies are a great way to review concepts for your middle school students or they can be used as a jumping-off point for deeper studies. (Note - If your students are in 7th or 8th grade, we recommend using one of our logic stage programs or a standard middle school science course instead.)

Programs in the Science Chunks Series 

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