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Science Chunks Year A Digital Bundle

Teach your student the basics of science in bite-sized chunks! 

Science Chunks - Year A Bundle includes an overview sheet to help you plan your year, plus the following digital unit studies:

That's a total of 36 lessons for a full year of well-rounded science!

Within the units, each lesson has reading assignments, vocabulary, writing assignments (both for a lapbook and a notebook), hands-on science activities, and a to-do list to check off as you work through the lesson!

Watch the video to see a detailed look at a Science Chunks lesson.

Please note that the reading assignments for this year of science come from the following:

  • Younger students (1st to 3rd grade) - Basher Biology, DK Children's Encyclopedia, Basher Chemistry
  • Older students (4th to 6th grade) - Usborne Science Encyclopedia, Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, DK Smithsonian Super Earth Encyclopedia 
  • All students - Gregor Mendel: The Friar Who Grew Peas by Cheryl Bardoe

All of these books will be used in subsequent years of Science Chunks units.

Product Details 

**eBooks are non-refundable** 

  • 7 units (36 lessons)
  • pdf file (black & white)
  • 364 pages


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